Psychological counseling
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During psychological counseling, you can thoroughly discuss the life situation causing difficulty with a well-trained psychologist, and together we can develop a solution-focused counseling plan. We offer flexible options, whether in-person in our clinic or online. We believe every problem is solvable, and our aim is to assist you along this journey.

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Psychological counseling
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Psychological counseling
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Psychological counseling
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Psychological counseling

According to our professional creed, we provide high-quality and credible psychological care through well-trained and continuously developing professionals. We offer personalized care with the shortest possible waiting times. Each of our clients works with the most suitable and competent specialist to address their individual needs.

Why choose Pszichogram?

Qualified professionals

We work together with our clients on mental health and overall well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Personalized care

The counseling methods and techniques are tailored to fit your goals and needs, ensuring that we can support you optimally throughout the process.

Confidentiality and security

All of our professionals guarantee medical confidentiality to our clients and provide an accepting, secure atmosphere.

Our principles

Our professionals' shared principles are unconditional acceptance, empathy, and authenticity.

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    Our psychologists

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    Office hours

    Monday – Friday8:00 – 20:00

    Saturdayby appointment


    Time table

    Review our professionals’ time table for better counseling session planning.

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